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Glistening Rainbow Effect Window Film

Glistening Rainbow Effect Window Film - Home Atlantis

Glistening Rainbow Effect Window Film

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Do you need to add some spark to one of your rooms? Or do you want to add some privacy to part of your house? Well the Rainbow Effect Window Film can do BOTH!

Get creative this SUMMER and bring the beautiful and calming effects of a rainbow throughout your HOME. Enjoy additional privacy whilst protecting your family from harmful UV RAYS this SUMMER.


 NO GLUE OR ADHESIVE - The film is absolutely GLUE FREE, with no harmful chemicals. It's very easy to install and can be simply removed many times without leaving residue.

 UV PROTECTION - Protect your family's skin from harmful UV rays by blocking over 96% of UV rays. Not only will you be protecting your family's skin but you will also be protecting your furniture and flooring from aging prematurely. 

 PRIVACY EFFECT - The Glistening Rainbow Film acts as a privacy film as well! use the film to not only create a beautiful effect in your home but simultaneously it can prevent prying eyes from seeing directly into your home! (Not recommended for bathroom applications)

 GET CREATIVE - Have an artistic side? with the stylish pattern we've had many customers create their own unique designs with our film. 


Rainbow Effect Window Film

The Glistening Rainbow Effect Film is perfect for those who are looking for some privacy, add some sparkle to the children's room or to simply improve the overall and feel or any room in your house. This amazing film is PERFECT for almost anyone who has a blank WINDOW. Forgot boring windows and rooms, see how this film can bring your house to life and add some ever important privacy to your HOME.


How to install:

🌈 The Rainbow Effect Window Film is very SIMPLE to install! Firstly, you need to ensure that your window is clean and free from dust and debris.

🌈 Cut your film to your desired size, whether or not you're creating a square, rectangle or artistic creation. Use enough water/soap on the window so you can easily adjust the placement.

🌈 Carefully peel back the adhesive layer completely and apply it to your window.

🌈 Use a credit card or similar stiff plastic type item and start in the middle then work your way to the outside by removing the bubbles and excess water/soap. By doing this you will be moving the water/soap to the edges of the film. If the edges start to lift, use hot air to the edge with a blow dryer.

Rainbow effect Film


Q: Is it possible to remove the rainbow effect film without leaving a trave?
A: The Glistening Rainbow Effect Window Film is stuck on by static cling adhesive which allows the product to come on and off the window surface with no trace or residue left over after removal. This allows it to be totally reusable!


Q: Can this be applied to a window which is slightly textured already?

A: Unfortunately no, the film will only work on a smooth and clean window surface.


Q: Is the film colorful or is it  transparent?

A: The film comes transparent but will create a glistening rainbow effect when the sunlight shines through. Ensure that you install it on a window which is exposed to a high level of sunlight.


Q: Do you stick the film on the inside or outside of you window?

A: For optimal results, it is advised to stick the film on the inside of your window. If stuck on the outside it will be exposed to various weather conditions which will affect the adhesive.

Rainbow Effect Window Film

Bring the glistening effects of a rainbow into your home today with this quick and easy window film.

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